The Outsiders x Bankroll Fresh

the outsiders are AN EXPERIENCED & self-taught film group and editorial team based out of south carolina.

Established in 2012 in the small town of Trenton South Carolina, population 192, Keith Andrews started The Outsiders Film Group to show other small town kids that they too can achieve whatever they set their mind too. Coming from a single parent lower class home, Keith had to work 3 jobs to afford his first camera equipment. He never let his lack of income deter his dream, so he worked even harder to get where he is today. Through his hard work and determination, The Outsiders have worked with notable names like legendary rapper Pastor Troy, Bankroll Fresh(RIP), KD, Strado, Servin, C4 BOMBS and many more. He goes by the moniker “See What They Can’t” as a message to others to be different but overall be themselves.

Keep pushing and stay down until you come up
— Pastor Troy

The Outsiders being recognized by the Edgefield County School board for his outstanding contributions to the football program.